Coven History

The founding coven of our Tradition is Isis Urania which was established in Vancouver, Canada, in the early 1960s and subsequently moved to Toronto where it formed a number of daughter covens. Apollonius-Mithras was trained both by Janus-Mithras, High Priest of Isis Urania, and by Nuit-Hilaria and Mer-Amun, High Priestess and High Priest of Isis Faria.

The Isis Hathor coven was formed in 2004 after a group of friends persistently asked Apollonius-Mithras for teachings. Iris was initiated by Apollonius-Mithras into the Isis Hathor coven in 2010. Dianus recieved his initiation in 2011 by Asherah.

By 2015, Isis Hathor was often at capacity and unavailable to meet with applicants. Iris respectfully left to form the Isis Sophia coven in 2017 and serve as High Priestess so that the Tradition could respond to more individuals desiring to learn. Dianus accepted her invitation to join her as High Priest.