Articles by the Isis Sophia Coven

The Importance of Meditation and its Difference from Visualization in Traditional Witchcraft by Iris


For help & healing

This Goddess Healing Meditation can be done at midnight at the new and full moon.


Further Reading

Wicca the Ancient Way” by Janus-Mithras, Nuit-Hilaria and Mer-Amun was published to give greater understanding of Traditional Wicca.

Assorted articles by the Isis Hathor Coven. These articles, published by our mother coven, offer a profound exploration of the God and Goddess of Traditional Wicca.

The Habit of Behaving Like Who We Really Are” by Mer-Amun .  A thoughtful commentary of the most familiar and fundamental practice of Western Magick.


Other Resources

Azoth Art

Hermetic Arts Learning Centre in Salem, MA