Isis Sophia is a traditional teaching and practicing coven open to serious students who are open-hearted, curious, and diligent. We are located in Montreal, Canada. We are committed to meeting for all sabbats, esbats, and formal weekly classes, which are conducted in English. 

Together we pursue a complete study of the Mysteries including the Qabalah, Hermetics, astrology, divination, philosophy, psychology, history, eastern systems (and so much more) in addition to the study and practice of  Traditional Wicca.

[What is Traditional Wicca? Article by Ron Weroski, The Wicca of the Ancient Harmony.]

We do not charge money for classes or initiations.

We do ask members for contributions that are within their means.

Please understand that we do not accept minors.

To apply, you may contact Hathor & Dianus at

We typically ask for a formal letter of application:

  • Your full name
  • Date, time and location of birth
  • A formal and thoughtful personal essay detailing your personal aspirations and reasons for applying, and why you are interested in being trained in Traditional Craft.

[How to write a coven enquiry letter by Yvonne Aburrow, Dowsing for Divinity]